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Pastor Evan's Blog

Summer 2017

As I sit at my desk and write this article there are people across this great land of ours completing a ballot paper in the local elections and in the very near future we will all be given the opportunity to cast our vote in a General Election.

We are so blessed to live in a country where we can choose candidates who we think will best serve our interests and yet, if we are honest, all too often they are amongst those who let us down and do not keep to their promises. This is not a problem unique to our country but it is a predicament that affects the world at large. Promises made whilst out on the campaign trail are often broken when in government. This has become such a common occurrence that our regard for politicians from right across the political spectrum has reached an all-time low and we are generally very sceptical when political parties manifestos and the like are published.

“Faithfulness” is a word which seldom seems to be practiced in everyday life and consequently we live in a world of continual upheaval and uncertainty. Political, business and personal turmoil is rife all because presidents, prime ministers, politicians, chief executive officers, managers, supervisors, employees, husbands, wives, parents, children and friends do not keep to their word. Nowadays, we do not know who to believe, what is false or what is true. Everything is relative! There are no absolutes!

It’s a sad reality and yet, despite all this, there is hope! There is One who can be trusted implicitly! There is One whose word can be believed and who doesn’t change His mind to suit public opinion. He is the One true living God described in His Word, the Bible and whose power and divine nature are so evident in what He has created.

It tells us in the Bible that “his work is perfect, for all his ways are justice. A God of faithfulness and without iniquity, just and upright is he.” As our Creator He is the One who has a right to tell us how we ought to live our lives – He declares what is right or wrong. He sets the standard against which we are to live our lives. Absolute truth is found in Him and in Him alone! His word has never changed and He has been faithful to it since the very beginning.

He is not a spoilsport, creating rules to ensure we live miserable lives – it’s the exact opposite – we are at our most content and joyous when we live our lives according to His will. There is so much sadness and trouble in the world today because humanity has rejected Him and gone its own way. Our problem is so great, our hearts so far from Him that He had to do something about it because we couldn’t. It is for that reason that He sent His Son, Jesus. God must punish wrongdoing (sin) because of His perfect justice, yet He is also perfectly loving and He therefore devised a way for sinners to get right with Him. It’s the way of the cross. It’s the only way! There God’s justice and love are demonstrated in the most profound way. There Jesus died to pay for the sin of all those who would trust in Him. This is the truth! Repenting of your sin and trusting in Jesus is the only way for you to get right with God and to enjoy the benefits of being in a right relationship with Him.

He can be trusted, He can make you and me into the people He wants us to be. He has our best interests at heart. Turn to Him today and you will find He does keep His word.

Have a great summer!

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