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Welcome to

West Row Baptist Church

A little bit about us

West Row Baptist Church is an F.I.E.C. affiliated church in Suffolk which was formed over 200 years ago.

We are an extremely friendly church and we would love for you to feel for yourself the warmth joy and friendship that we enjoy at any one of our weekly meetings.

Church News

Community Lunch - Jul 2024

It would be about right to think that maybe our next Community Lunch would reflect the summer season that we are in, truth is it likely will - a warm meal for wet, inclement day - maybe it will be another one of the heartwarming meals that the team regularly serve up, summer seems distant now for sure!

12:30pm on Tuesday 16th July is when we get together next. It would be a pleasure to either see you as a returnee or meet you for the first time if you've never been before.

Contact Richard via richard@westrowbaptist.org.uk if you would like to know more.

Home Groups: 10th and 24th July - 7:30pm

In July, our next two Home Group sessions will be continuing in our series looking at 'Six Steps to Reading Your Bible'.

It's surely just picking up this book isn't it, seeing where the page falls open and reading it. It will all make sense won't it? I'll be able to understand it the more I read it, the more I do x, y or z.

Truth is - there is so much more to it than that, and the key to reading our Bibles isn't even with us. Want to find out more about what that is - join with us for relaxed discussion about the Scriptures and the important place they should have in each of our lives.

Contact Evan evan@westrowbaptist.org.uk to if you would like to know more.

Baptism Service - 21st July at 10:45am

It's something that you hear often isn't it, "Turning over a new leaf", "A fresh start in life", "Making a new start", or whatever variant this same principle goes by. The intention is often good, sincere thoughts, backed up by words and actions that seem genuine.

For some, these changes may be subtle, not clearly seen, but for those whose life has been remarkably changed by the salvation message of Jesus Christ - it's most certainly not something that they want to go hidden away in the shadows.

You will get the opportunity to hear about such changes at our baptism service on the 24th July!

What's on during the week?

Midweek Prayer

Tue-Fri, 7:00am-7:30am

We meet together on Zoom for our morning prayer meeting.  We start each session reading a chapter of God's word and then pray.

If you would like us to pray for something for you, please send us an email by clicking the button below.  Even better still - join us as we spend this time in prayer together.  The best way to seek God's face at the start of each day. 

Email Prayer


The Puritans.

Our next video session on the Puritans is 16th September, join us on Zoom to learn more about them.

Request Zoom Meeting Info

here to help

Do you need a quick phone call, somebody to be prayed for, maybe need some shopping picking up, if you need support, and we are able to do anything to support you, we will do our utmost to help out.

For more information contact Pastor Evan at evan@westrowbaptist.org.uk




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