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Pastor Evan's Blog

Easter 2017

There is evidently an event which made news headlines in 1997 in the USA. It was meant to be a routine parachute jump for a veteran skydiving instructor, yet at the same time it was a jump one novice parachutist would never forget and which left him owing an unimaginable debt of gratitude. The two jumped out of a plane at 12,000 feet and all seemed fine until the rookie pulled his ripcord. Nothing happened! His parachute failed to open and he plummeted towards the ground facing certain death.

The instructor however, had other plans and came to his rescue. Just before hitting the ground, he rolled over so that he met the ground first and the novice landed on top of him. Sadly, the instructor perished instantly but the novice, though badly injured survived the fall and made a full recovery! One man took the place of another, one man bore the brunt for another. One substituted himself so that another might live.

That too, is the real story behind Easter. Jesus, gave His life so that others could live! Over 2000 years ago, the very Son of God allowed Himself to be crucified on a Roman cross so that reconciliation between certain individuals and God took place. Note I say “certain individuals” – the fact of the matter is that Jesus, we are told in the Bible in Matthew 1 vs 20, “will save his people from their sins.” Now all of humanity sin, all of us are sinners and God tells us this in Psalm 14 in the Bible where we read, “there is none who does good, not even one.” It is our sin that separates us from God, He cannot condone it, He cannot turn a blind eye to it because as God, He is perfect and therefore, totally just. Justice must be met so sin must be punished and sin we are told, leads to death. Another reason we know we are all sinners, because if the Lord Jesus does not come again in our life time we will all die!

Yet God is also loving and so provided a way for His people to be reconciled to Him and thus avoid the punishment that was ultimately due to them. That way is the cross of the Lord Jesus, He took His people’s sin (wrongdoing) upon Himself, He was punished on their behalf. He bore the brunt of God’s anger so that they would never have to.

The individuals for whom Christ died, are those who truly repent of their sin, ask God for forgiveness and who trust that Jesus procured their salvation when he died on the cross. The proof that this is indeed the case, is evidenced in the resurrection of Jesus. Three days after His death, God raised His Son to life as confirmation that the price for their sin had been paid.

Do you acknowledge you are a sinner? The greatest news of all time is that Jesus came to save sinners! Turn from your sin now! Turn to Jesus and you will be saved!

May the message of Easter fill you with great joy and hope

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