For many, the 4 years since the last World Cup may have felt like a painful wait.  Maybe the next 4 weeks or so will equally feel painful for those of you who are not football fans!!

Many people see the spectacle of the World Cup as "The Greatest Event in the World", instilling emotions of expectation, inspiration, passion, controversy, pain, wonder and victory.

At WRBC, whilst many of us do love football, we genuinely believe that "The Cross of Jesus" is actually the real "Greatest Event" and in His coming to earth to die in the place of those who put their trust in Him, it is possible for each one who does to experience what TR‍‍‍UE victory is all about.

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‍‍‍WORLD CUP 2018

Pastor Evan King writes his Summer blog, speaking of a common problem we all experience - "I was wondering what I should write this time round when suddenly the phone rang. It was one of those calls so many of us have received, someone‍‍‍ supposedly phoning from my “Internet Service Provider”, who shall remain nameless, to tell me I‍‍‍ had a problem with my internet speed and if I would log onto my computer, give them access and my credit card details that they would sort it out for me.........."

To read more on this, as well as another blog post from his wife Carolyn, please click the picture above these words.

The next month is a very busy time, with various meetings and activities planned, an overview of them is noted below: -

  • Tue 12th Jun, 7:30pm - Church Members Meeting
  • Thu 14th Jun, 7:30pm - Ladies Night
  • Mon 18th Jun, 7:45pm - Sunday Club Meeting
  • Tue 19th Jun, 6:00pm - Church Work Party
  • Thu 21st Jun 12:30pm - Community Lunch
  • Sat 7th Jul 8:00am - Men's Breakfast

Over and above these meeti‍‍‍ngs, we also have all of our normal weekly meetings, see the Activities page for full calendar details.

We give you a warm welcome to the website for West Row Baptist Church, an F.I.E.C. affiliated church in Suffolk.

WRBC formed over 200 years ago, celebrated its bicentenary in‍‍‍ 2015.

If you would like to know more about our fellowship please feel free to browse around the site.  We are an extremely friendly church so come and feel for yourself the warmth, joy and friendship that we enjoy at each one of our weekly meetings.

Download: Bible Readings 2017.xls

As a church, we follow a reading programme each year to encourage regular reading of God's Word.  In 2018 we will be going through Psalms - to see the whole schedule - click the following link - WRBC 2018 Reading Plan .

Download: Bible Readings 2016-6.xls

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